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Concept, Learning and Product Videos

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Product promotional films are videos created to deliver a product or service to the target audience. Creating promotional videos that will reflect your corporate identity, convince your target audience and increase your sales figures is a job that requires experience. As MediaRubic, we create the most suitable product and service promotional videos for you with our experienced and creative team and state-of-the-art equipment.

Concept, Learnning and Product Video Development Process

Audience Analysis

The most important point to consider when promoting a product or service is the target audience. First of all, we examine the audience you want to reach with your product or service and your past promotions down to the smallest detail.


We collect scenarios that are suitable for the product or service you will introduce and that will appeal to your target audience, and present them to your choice.

Place Selection

After the scenario determination process, we analyze the suitable places where the scenario can be realized.


We are shooting with our experienced team and the latest technology equipment in the field of professional shooting.

Editing and Post Production

Our editing team, which is also experienced in the fields of Interactive Video and Animation, completes the editing and post-production stages and finalizes the video and presents it to you.

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