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Digital Showroom

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As MediaRubic, we take your store digitally and ensure that you have the most up-to-date technologies.


Go Beyond Your Product List

Transfer your products from classic screens to the 3D world.

24/7 Virtual Store

Let your customers visit your 3D store and explore your products at any time of the day.

Product Experience in the 3D World

Increase your online sales with 3D product experience.

Access your e-commerce site with Product Links

Let them buy your products on your own website with one click.

What are the Advantages of MediaRubic Digital Showroom?


Best of the Field

With our Digital Showroom technology with unique features, we take the merchandising experience you offer to your customers one step further.


Multimedia and Visuality

We offer customers the opportunity to take advantage of features such as 3D products, 360 videos, downloadable content and photo galleries if they wish.


Opportunity of Switching Between Channels

Thanks to in-store banners and promotions that are fully integrated into your customers' virtual journeys, we provide the opportunity to switch to product links or your brand's social media pages.


Global Availability

We create multilingual digital showrooms for you, accessible from anywhere in the world.

How We Create Digital Showroom ?

When it comes to digital showrooms, virtual stores that can be visited and only products come to mind. As MediaRubic, we transform your store into an interactive environment similar to Metaverse in digital showrooms that we have created upon your request, thanks to Point Cloud technology. We help you to present all the opportunities available in the physical store to your customers digitally, thanks to the interactive posters in the store, the three-dimensional, augmented reality product images and the AI-based customer representative that the customer can contact when they have a question about the product.

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