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E-learning Design and Scorm Production

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As MediaRubic, we evaluate all the dynamics of the digital education design program for your brand, and determine the most suitable model for your brands. In this direction, we offer you digital education styles that we have designed specifically for your brand by combining them with our extraordinary formats. Our SCORM model, which is a standard in this world, which can be designed and designed at the same time, is presented to you.


SCORM is an industry standard in digital education. SCORM-compliant content can run smoothly in different LMSs. Therefore, integrating your digital education into SCORM is cost-effective. SCORM has six basic principles and benefits:



All your content is in a single content library and can be accessed by all devices.



Your content can be adapted to individual and corporate needs


Cost Eligibility

Increase efficiency by reducing time and costs in the design of your e-learning.



Create resilient e-learnings without redesign, reconfiguration or coding.



Seamlessly integrate content created with a different set of tools or platforms into your own LMS.



Use your SCORM scanned content in different LMSs or for new content production. Access the ability to instantly change the content currently live on your LMS.

In Which Situations Should You Use SCORM?

  • If you are creating a learning content library,
  • If you are using LMS to deliver and manage learning content,
  • If you are designing learning content that can be reused in different contexts,
  • SCORM is the right choice for you.

In Which Situations Should You Not Use SCORM?

  • If you are designing simple and static content such as a web page,
  • If you are using a single internal system that will never change,
  • If you are developing non-traditional e-learning such as advanced simulations and serious games,
  • SCORM may not be the right choice for you.

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