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Gamified Content Development

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One of the most popular corporate training trains of recent times is undoubtedly gamification. Of course there is a reason for this. Imagine all employees looking forward to your next training! Isn't it very impressive? We think so, and that's why our gamified content development services excite us as much as our customers.

Why Gamified Content ?

Active User Focus
Which of us doesn't like to play games? Even we as adults have basic play instincts. With this instinct, games significantly increase participation rates by encouraging friendly competition among co-workers.
Instant Feedback
It's a big plus when employees get positive feedback as they progress through the game. In this way, they continue to progress by seeing what they did right and what they did wrong in the learning process.
High Motivation
Prizes are essential for games. The motivation of your employees stays high for further trainings with many different reward mechanisms, from giving gift cards to a simple badge to users who complete the gamified training.

How We Do?

As MediaRubic, we develop gamified content suitable for your corporate identity and the content of your digital education, ensure that the content is transferred effectively, increase participation in your education and make it more memorable. We use popular competition programmes, current TV series and movies, trending games, in short, "loved ones" as tools in our implementation of this model.

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