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Dive into the endless world of Metaverse with MediaRubic! Let us create a professional meta campus & office design for your brand with the opportunity to be customized according to your corporate identity, or host you and your guests at MediaRubic MetaOfis in Spatial, the most preferred Metaverse platform in the world.

What are the Features of MediaRubic MetaOfis?


You can organize social events at the amphitheater and stage in MediaRubic MetaOfis, and attract the attention of users by showing a video or link on the giant screen right across the amphitheater.

Meeting Room

Thanks to our design that brings the seriousness of a real meeting room to Metaverse, you can use our meeting room for meetings with your management staff or important guests. The time and budget allocated for business trips are now eliminated.

Social Areas

Organizing training or meetings is not the only goal of MediaRubic MetaOfis. Just like in real life, human relationships are also crucial. For this reason, there are open and closed social areas and sitting areas, so that users can communicate with each other and have real-life alike experiences.

Virtual Classroom

Your training will now be much more enjoyable thanks to the classroom where you can organize all your training. Our classroom also has a giant screen where you can show videos or links, just like in the amphitheater.

As MediaRubic, we make your meetings, training and events go virtual, bring you the latest technology, and offer a unique experience to your employees and guests by combining corporateness with entertainment.

sosyal medya

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